Covering school books is a back-to-school tradition. Whether your school requires it or not, it’s a fun activity to do in preparation for the new school year. Over at Make and Takes, I posted a tutorial for making book covers out of recycled chip bags and patterned duct tape. I love the pop art element of reusing commercial packaging, plus the earth-friendly aspect of reusing packaging that would otherwise go in the trash. Plus, I just wanted to use my fun patterned tape for something! Because the original food packaging is so cool-looking, it would be great to use clear packing tape for this project, too. Or, go the old traditional route of using recycled paper bags to cover books. [how to make recycled packaging book covers]

Project Estimate:

  • Recycled packaging, such as a potato chip bag (I needed two to cover my medium-sized book), on hand
  • Duct tape in one or more fun colors (or packing tape), on hand
  • Book to cover, on hand

Total: FREE