Need a few minutes fuss-free? Here’s a quick toy you can whip up in thirty seconds using recycled cardboard: a cardboard cell phone. I posted the tutorial over at Make and Takes. These pretend phones kept my sons busy for hours. You can make many toys out of regular cardboard; these simple toys will inspire your child’s imagination and give them lots of room for pretend play. Other toys to make out of cardboard: tools, kitchen appliances, playhouses, or even figurines to play with. [how to make cardboard cell phone]

Project Estimate:

  • Recycled cardboard box, on hand
  • Pen, on hand
  • Heavy duty scissors, on hand

Total: FREE

Additional Resources:

cardboard toys

Photo by Arnold Gold,

  • Old Man Makes Cardboard Toys at New Haven Register — I thought this was the coolest story! Check out what this man makes with cardboard. His toys are amazing and he seems like such a precious guy.cardboard house
  • Cardboard Lego Playhouse at Make and Takes: I made this playhouse out of a yogurt box for Make & Takes – super easy and fun!