I’ve always secretly hoped that my first child will be a girl, largely because of adorable projects like this rose petal dress.  DSC reader Emmylou Hart came up with this cute little number for her blog, sewn, using a light pink girls t-shirt and a bag of silk rose petals.  The instructions will make any size dress from infant up to 4t.  Emmylou also has a lot of other great t-shirt altering projects on her blog – be sure to check it out!  [how to make a rose petal toddler dress]

You could also make a fall version of this dress using silk leaves in autumn colors.  To make a shirt larger than size 4t, try using a womens t-shirt rather than a girls size.

Project estimate:

  • Girls t-shirt, $1
  • Silk rose petals, $1
  • Elastic thread, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $2 and up