Su didn’t originally intend to share her whisk jewelry tree on her website, Vively Online.  That is, until her husband saw it and said, “A whisk!   You gotta be s&*##ing me.  This is something you have to share.”  I agree with him; if I didn’t know, I’d never guess it was made from any type of kitchen utensil!  This ingenious design is perfect for displaying earrings, bangles, and other baubles atop a vanity or dresser.  [how to make a whisk jewelry tree]

I’m thinking of making one of these as a display piece for craft shows; I make a lot of hook-style earrings and this is the perfect way to show them off while taking up minimal table space.  Rather than spend money on decorative stones, I plan to use beach glass that I have collected along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  You can also go hunting for pretty rocks almost anywhere!

Project estimate:

  • Large whisk, $1
  • Glass vase, $1
  • Stones or other decorative fill, free or $1
  • Beads, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1

Total:  $2 and up