It’s been a crazy couple weeks for me, so I haven’t had a chance to post about a recent video I made: Dollar Scores 4. You can watch it right here or subscribe to my YouTube channel and get instant updates whenever I post new videos. This video features a random assortment of stuff I bought at the dollar store awhile back, with color commentary from my four year-old son. Plus, I make a rare appearance in the video (only because I wasn’t wearing pajamas for once!).

If you aren’t into video, here are the highlights:

dollar store rhinestones

Plastic gems: $1

I have used up a few bags of these. I like these square ones – if you hurry, you can buy them to make a dollar store Lady GaGa mask in time for Halloween! You can use them for all kinds of other stuff, too, of course!


Kids’ choice: Whale crackers and Top Hat: $1 each

This is the reason to watch the video: because my son tells us what his favorite finds at the dollar store are and why.

magic top hat

Magic Top Hat Toy: $1

This magic top hat toy flattens, folds up into a little packet, has a secret hiding compartment in it. The package also comes with a web address where you can find out how to do magic tricks with the hat. I thought that was pretty cool! My kids like to wear the hat and pretend they’re Scrooge McDuck.

table scatter leaves

Sparkly Leaf Table Scatter: $1

Table scatter is just a fancy way to say sparkly stuff that doesn’t actually DO anything. But if you’re a dollar store crafter, you know you can use it in all kinds of creative ways. I’m not actually sure what I’m doing with mine yet, though!! Also, this week I saw similar table scatter, but in winter and Christmas themes, so let’s think of what we can make with this!

That’s the quick tour. If you want a bit more, check out the video at the top of the post, or my other Dollar Scores posts.

Happy weekend! What have you found at the dollar store lately?