While we here at Dollar Store Crafts looove the dollar store, there are some items that aren’t great buys, or in some cases might be dangerous. I found this video from CBS that talks about some things to watch out for while shopping at the dollar store. While these tips aren’t specifically crafty, they’re still good to know! Remember to use common sense with any items you buy at the dollar store (especially if you are using them outside their intended use).

The video reminds you to:

  • check the price tag (not all dollar stores sell EVERYTHING for $1)
  • avoid toothpaste as a lot of counterfeit toothpaste finds its way into dollar stores (and it can even be harmful)
  • avoid medicines and vitamins (some are close to expiration or do not contain the ingredients they are supposed to)
  • watch out for some children’s toys (can be choking hazards or contain lead)

What items do you avoid at the dollar store? Do you think there is any merit to this video’s advice?