Kids (especially boys) are notoriously hard on clothing and tend to grow out of it quickly, so inexpensive additions to their wardrobes are always a plus.  Kim at Just Peachy came up with just such a project with this adorable bat t-shirt that’s perfect for Halloween.  She used a plain grey t-shirt from the dollar store and a scrap of black knit fabric that she had on hand to create her design.  If you don’t have the scrap fabric laying around, you can always purchase an additional t-shirt to chop; remnant bins at fabric stores are also a good source for cheap bits of fabric for projects like this.  (Kim’s blog is full of great craft ideas, including a bunch of other great Halloween ideas, so be sure to check it out!)  [how to make a bat t-shirt]

Project estimate:

  • Two t-shirts, $2 and up
  • Buttons, on hand or $1
  • Fusible web, on hand or $2 and up

Total: $2 and up