This fun costume idea came to us from DSC reader Sarah. After learning about Egyptian history, she and her kids made pharaoh masks!  Sarah constructed the hockey-mask-and-cardboard bases, then let her kids go crazy applying papier-mache and paint.  These kids seem destined to follow in their mother’s footsteps; Sarah is an artist with a wonderfully whimsical style.  Make sure you take a minute to check out her website!

Project estimate:

  • Plastic hockey mask, $1
  • Cardboard, on hand
  • Masking tape, on hand
  • Papier-mache supplies, on hand
  • Paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $1 and up


1.  Lay the hockey mask on a piece of cardboard and cut around it in the shape of a pharaoh’s mask.  Secure the mask into place on the cardboard with masking tape.

2.  Cover the mask and cardboard with several layers of papier-mache.

3.  When dry, paint the mask to look like an Egyptian pharaoh.

While you are waiting for your papier-mache and paint to dry, here are a few more fun kids craft ideas for Halloween!

Shanti at Twig & Toadstool came up with this great idea for cheap Halloween party favors – cute, batty pencil toppers!  (The blog also has a whole bunch of awesome fairy and woodland themed craft tutorials!)  [how to make bat pencil toppers]

If you’ve got a toddler, chances are you have mpty containers from puffs laying around.  Amy from Increasingly Domestic had a bunch of them.  Inspired by the shape, she transformed them into an entire collection of Halloween characters.  [how to make recycled puff container Halloween characters]

No costume is complete without accessories, and that includes witches!  Your little witch will love helping to create an adorable wand like this one designed by Lindsey at Inspiring Creations.  It’s a great use for all those odds and ends of ribbon left over from your other Halloween projects!  [how to make a shabby witch wand]

If you’ve never visited the Handprint and Footprint Art blog, you should add it to your bookmarks!  Blog owner Amanda shares many awesome ideas for creating keepsake handprint and footprint projects, including this adorable ghost footprint t-shirt.  [how to make a ghost footprint t-shirt]