Anna from Bumble Baybees made these adorable silhouette tea towels for pretty and colorful grandparent gifts. I love them – so happy and fun! These were her submission to Sew Dang Cute’s Crafting with the Stars, and one of my favorite project submissions! I LOVE this because it is on-trend but it’s a new/innovative take on silhouettes, plus it’s useful and it’s a grandparent gift. Win-win-win. Anna sewed these tea towels up herself, but you could very easily use the flour sack towels you can buy at the dollar store. Add a strip of designer fabric (or not), and make a freezer paper stencil with your little lovey’s silhouette on it. Wouldn’t a set of these be cute for those grandparents with multiple grandkids? Everyone, start your crafting engines, it’s time to start making your holiday gifts now! [find out how to make silhouette tea towels]

Because of this great project, Anna was chosen as one of the top 12 crafters who got assigned to work with a “star” in Crafting with the Stars. I was the star who got to work with Anna, and it has been fun getting to know her! Round 1 was amazing, with 12 great crafts inspired by designer products. You have to check them all out! Unfortunately, Anna and I didn’t get chosen to move on to the next round. I’m sad because I just know that Anna has a ton of great ideas to show off.

Project Estimate:

  • Flour sack towel, $1
  • Freezer paper and paint, on hand
  • Contrasting fabric scrap, on hand

Total: $1