So after I saw Rachel’s Framed Crow project from earlier today, I wondered if you could stretch the foam crow into two wall hangings by cutting the fake birdie in half lengthwise. I know, it’s a little gruesome, but we’re cheap here, people! I then thought, “oh hey! what if I cut the crow in half, but not lengthwise? it would look like some creepy taxidermy!” Now, granted, in real taxidermy, birds are never mounted this way, but I thought it was an ironic nod to all the taxidermy-inspired decor that has popped up everywhere in the past few years. Plus, it’s a perfect creepy-cool accessory for your Halloween decor.

You can buy the fake crow and other materials for this project at the dollar store.

Project Materials:

  • Fake crow (made of foam), $1
  • Frame, $1 or on hand
  • Book page or scrapbooking paper, on hand or $.25
  • Black ribbon, $1 or on hand
  • Knife or x-acto knife, on hand
  • Hot glue gun, on hand

Total: $1 and up

The crow crime scene

CAUTION: Images could be slightly disturbing because I had to harm a fake crow to make this!

Before you begin, prepare your frame any way you like. Paint it and distress it, if necessary. I had already painted mine orange awhile back, and it’s just a happy accident that it works with the Halloween theme.

1. Remove a book page from your book (mine is from a Stephen King book that was from Paperback Swap, but came too worn out and icky to actually read) and trim it to fit the glass in your frame. Put a line of hot glue on the top and bottom edges of the glass from your frame and fold paper over to secure. You can also wrap the glass on all four sides if your book page is large enough. Put prepared insert into your frame.

2. Remove feet from crow, then with a knife, cut crow cleanly and levelly in half. I used a serrated knife, but a smooth knife is probably better because of the feathers. Trim any straggly feathers from the bust with scissors, if necessary.

3. Hot glue back of crow and stick to center of paper-covered frame insert. Be careful to get it right in the spot you want before you stick it because you won’t be able to reposition it without ruining the insert. (Ask me how I know!)

4. Trim out frame with ribbon if desired. I glued mine on with hot glue and just folded it at each edge. Then I made a bow and glued it on the bottom of the ribbon trim.

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