Need some last-minute Halloween decorations that have big wow factor?  Try making glowing mad scientist jars!  When exposed to  black light, the water in the jars glows, creating a supernatural and eerie effect.  I posted this quick-and-easy project at my new blog, Mrs. Greene.  (I wanted to post photos of the jars actually glowing, but the bulb in my black light burned out!)  The idea is based on a method I learned in college for making liquid-filled glass containers glow, although in those days we were using our empty booze bottles.  Who knew that all of those parties would contribute to my crafty education?  [how to make glowing mad scientist jars]

Project estimate:

  • Plastic body parts, $1
  • Glass jar, on hand
  • Spray paint (optional), on hand or $1 and up
  • Water, on hand
  • Liquid laundry soap, on hand
  • Black light, on hand or about $10

Total: $1 and up

The finished jars would look great adorned with some spooky jar labels as well!