I’m a sucker for crafts using repurposed items, especially projects that make me say, “She made that out of what?!”  That said, would you ever guess that these Halloween candlesticks are made using parts from old lamps?  Sandra of Sawdust and Paper Scraps wrote a guest post at Blue Cricket Design showing how to make these spooky-yet-elegant Halloween decorations that look more like they came straight off the shelf at a high-end retailer than being cobbled together out of thrift store and dollar store parts!  [how to make upcycled skull candlesticks]

Project estimate:

  • 2 thrift store lamps, about $6
  • 3 large plastic skulls, $3
  • Black spray paint, $1 and up

Total:  $10 and up

The lamps Sandra used were leftovers from another great Halloween decor project, an incredible spooky candelabra inspired by a much more expensive (and less fuctional) model she saw at Home Goods.  The two projects compliment each other very well, and would look great paired together in an entryway or living room.