It’s been awhile since I did a dollar scores shopping post (even though I end up snapping pics nearly every time I go to the dollar store!). This time, I’m taking you on a tour of Target’s Dollar Spot, which, if you’re not familiar, is one awesome spot to shop. Between Target’s trendy designs, and the dollar store prices, what’s not to love? Warning, I took a LOT of pictures!!

First stop, wooden food! I love these little wooden pizzas (and they have two or three flavors), and there are some other play foods, too. Dairy Queen ice cream treats, and cardboard groceries.

This pic is underwhelming, but it’s a pic of a variety of calendars. Must pick up, they’re only a buck!

Aww, I wish I had a little girl! These mary jane tights are too cute!

This pic isn’t great, but you’re looking at a photo cube. Kind of retro cheesy, but I think it could make for a kind of cool jumping off point for a craft and/or holiday gift.

Cute sparkly vinyl clutch – good for holiday parties and/or tweens’ stockings. Oh, go now and pick up stocking stuffers while the pickins are good, by the way!

They have Grinch Dr. Seuss licensed stuff right now – could be a fun theme for a holiday party. They have a few different items. Such as:

These reusable shopping bags (great idea for a gift bag – then they can use the bag too!). There are tons of great Dr. Seuss party ideas out there, too!

Speaking of licensed products, they have a whole slew of Hello Kitty stuff! I would have been in heaven in 1987 if I could just go to Target and get this stuff! Stickers!

Reusable shopping bag! (Remember: holiday gift bag)

Cute little containers!


Sparkly notebooks! This stuff is so cute & would cost more like $5 at the mall! Stock up for your kawaii-loving girl’s stocking!

And THESE are so cute to me!! Candy jar slash mini cookie jars! These cost $2.50, and are about 8-10″ tall – I think that’s a great deal!

If you don’t have time to make an advent calendar this year, here’s a cute one for $2.50. It already looks handmade, so no guilt. :)

Cool fashiony colored ornaments – in case you need a color kick to your Christmas decor. Just a buck (and they come in small, too).

I got a few packs of these – they are decorate your own gingerbread house cards. I’m going to have my kids make them and then we’ll give them to the people who would appreciate custom kid art! :)

You’re looking at holiday character slippers ($2.50) and 8″ light up tree (also $2.50). There were taller trees that are not pre-lighted that were also $2.50.

Realistic plastic animals for $2.50 (in the same family as Schleich animals, which I am in love with), but not as nice. Still, these would blend in with your Schleichcollection.

More wooden toys: brightly colored wooden puzzles for toddlers. $2.50.

This is so cute! It’s a wooden puzzle toy that has several different pieces so you can switch the outfits on the puzzle. $2.50.

And lastly, this isn’t from the dollar spot, but these are Target’s decorations right now. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but they’re really cute! I LOVE the green with white – it’s really crisp and clean, and I love folk-art looking stuff anyway.

I saw a bunch more stuff in the regular aisles, but after all these, I’m kind of embarrassed to make the post even longer! I guess that’s it for now, then! Maybe I’ll just make a video with the other stuff…


Disclosure: None