Pinecones are such a great fall staple in crafts and decorating, yet I don’t recall EVER seeing them paired with mums before! Why not? What a perfect fall combination pinecones and chrysanthemums make. Over at Katie Grace Designs, Katie made these cool chandeliers from pinecones, faux mums, grapevine wreaths and a few other ingredients. You still have time to put some together for your big Thanksgiving party, so get to work! [how to make pinecone chandeliers] Looks like the original link is dead, so check these directions at Home Confetti: Pinecone chandelier

Check out Katie’s Pumpkin Celebration for more cool fall party ideas.

Project Estimate:

  • 14” grapevine wreath, $1


  • Ribbon of choice for hanging, on hand


  • Different size pinecones, gather outside or about 10 bags at the dollar store, free or $10


  • Grapevine wire, on hand or $1


  • Orange silk mums, $5 and up


Total: $7 and up