The other day, I was sharing some craft ideas at a women’s event, and while I was setting up for the event, I figured out how I could make a dollar store version of the large apothecary jars that are so popular in the big decorator catalogs. Previously, I’ve shared how to make apothecary jars out of small lidded jars from the dollar store, but how can you make a large version if no larger lidded jars are sold at the dollar store? Simple, make your own lid!

I found a large apothecary jar at Ross Dress for Less for $13, which is a smokin’ deal. But I made these large apothecary jars for a little less than $6 (not counting the E-6000 glue, which I had on hand). This apothecary jar is roughly the same size as Pottery Barn’s medium Apothecary Jar which retails for $49.

You can use apothecary jars to hold just about anything! Place them in your bathroom to hold useful items like cotton swabs, extra soap, or washcloths. Use them around your home to hold decorative items (as shown here, Christmas ornaments and vase filler). Check this post at Living With Lindsay for more great ideas: Ten Fantastic Fillers for Apothecary Jars.

Project Estimate:

  • Large vase, $1
  • Large glass candlestick, $1
  • Small glass bowl, 3 for $1
  • Small cut glass drawer pulls, 2 for $6.77 (at W-M)
  • E-6000 glue, on hand

Total: $5.71

The secret to this project was a 3-pack of small glass bowls I found in the kitchen section at the dollar store. These glass bowls fit perfectly as lids on the top of the large glass vase from the dollar store. I just added a glass knob, and the apothecary jar lid was complete! I got the glass drawer pulls from the big blue store for about $6.77, or about $3.39 each. With some shopping around (at thrift or building thrift stores, garage sales, antique shops, etc.) , you might find a better deal on these knobs. I just wanted to get my project done as quick as I could so I could share it!

To Make:

1. Remove all price tags (I use Goo-Gone. Drip a bit of it on the tag, let it sit for a few minutes, and peel right off with no work). Clean all components with a damp paper towel and a bit of water, if needed. Let dry.

2. Glue large candlestick to vase with E-6000 glue.

3. Glue glass knob to bottom of small glass bowl with E-6000 glue.

4. Let everything dry and cure for 24 hours.

Depending on the fit of your lid on your vase, you might want to make another modification to the bowl. If the lid doesn’t fit perfectly on your vase, put a small line of hot glue around the rim of the lid and let it dry. The dry glue will help correct the fit of the lid on the vase.


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