Bromeliad, a fantastic crafter and reader of Dollar Store Crafts, made some abstract expressionist-inspired art with dollar store supplies. She’s a fan of Franz Kline, and his black and white abstract art, and was inspired to create the look for MUCH less! This is a popular look in home decor right now, too. [how she made her DIY Franz Kline here]

Project Estimate:

  • Poster board, $.50
  • Black acrylic paint, on hand
  • Frame, thrifted, garage-saled, or IKEA-ed, on hand or $1 and up

Total: $.50 and up

You could buy those dollar store canvases (they’re usually about 8×10) — the ones with pictures of saints on them — and gesso over them (or paint white acrylic paint or spray paint over them) and then make abstract paintings on them. If you go that route, a grouping of three or four would be nice.

p.s. I was also recently inspired to do an abstract expressionist-inspired art piece with my DIY Mark Rothko color blocked project