Mich in L.A. transformed some jelly headbands from the dollar store into cool filigree-looking cuff bracelets. I think these would be at home in an Anthropologie catalog. This is just the most recent of her amazing projects, as Michelle is all about repurposing dollar stuff into fabulous jewelry. Would you have guessed what these bracelets were made of? [how to make jelly headband cuffs]

One of Michelle’s favorite tricks is to use a totally wackadoo product, deconstruct it by cutting it up, and then turn it into a cool necklace. For example, there was the time she used a dollar store shoe insole and turned it into a pendant. And then another time, she did a four-part series on transforming zip ties into snappy earrings. And then she tipped us off to a little craft hack: use metal duct tape to make instant pendants! The point is, Michelle is plain brilliant, and extremely innovative, and I tune into her blog because I just can’t wait to see what she does next.

Project Estimate:

  • Jelly headbands, 2 for $1
  • Utility scissors, on hand
  • Button, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand

Total: $.50 each