My boys are avid fans of the game Angry Birds.  They love to play it on Daddy’s phone — however, they truly enjoy the whole concept of the game, and love role-playing it!  Well, I too have had Angry Birds on the brain.  But I haven’t been playing it; in fact, in all honesty I am just no good at it.  But I have taken my boys’ love of the game as an opportunity to MAKE STUFF!  (Check out my plush Angry Birds!)

Yesterday I whipped up some Angry Birds Christmas ornaments.  I am not kidding when I tell you my kids were standing at my feet waiting for me to finish them up!  They are in love!  [Come see how I made them!]

Project Estimate:

  • ornaments, $1
  • acrylic paint, $1
  • felt scraps, 35 cents or on hand
  • needle and thread

Total:  $2 and up!

Caroline Sanchez (Care) has been sewing since her mom taught her the basics at around six years old.  She has always been driven to CREATE, even from a very young age.  She is mommy to two little boys and one little girl, and almost every spare moment she has is spent in her sewing room or working on her blog, Obsessively Stitching.