Necklaces made from utility rope have hit the runways at Proenza Schouler and Lela Rose, to name a few. Dollar store jump ropes provide the colorful look of utility ropes without a major investment in supplies. This necklace requires learning one macrame knot to create an impressive-looking yet simple necklace.

Project estimate:

  • Two jump ropes  ($1 each)
  • Two copper 1/2″ plumbing connectors or similar hardware (About $1)
  • Two copper  1/2″ tube caps or similar hardware or jewelry end caps (About $1)
  • Two small but strong magnets. (On hand)
  • Electrical tape (Optional)

Total: $4 and up

jump ropes

Start with two jump ropes in complimentary colors.

Cut off handles

Cut off the handles. Cut each jump rope in half. Burn the ends of the rope or wrap in tape to prevent fraying.

Crown knot

One of my jump ropes ended up being quite a bit longer and stretchier than the other. I started about six inches up from the end of the longer jump rope and began tying a series of crown or lanyard knots. (Get a detailed tutorial on tying a crown knot at

crown sennit

Tie a chain of crown knots about eight inches long or until you come to the end of your shorter rope.

Add copper fitting

Wrap the ends of the chain with electrical or similar tape. Slide a copper connector over each end and glue in place.

Trim ends

Trim the longer ropes so they are the same length on each side and wrap with tape.

Add magnet

Glue a small magnet to the inside of each tube cap. Make sure you have the sides that attract facing down inside each cap. (Alternately, you can use jewelry findings such as end caps and snap hooks.)

glue caps

Glue the caps to the ends of the longer ropes.

Your necklace is finished.