Whether you are planning Christmas dinner for your immediate family or you’re entertaining a party of 100,  favor boxes of candy or small gifts are a fun addition to your place settings.  Continuing with our series of post about printables, we bring you a snowflake favor box.  Just print, cut out, fold along the lines, and apply a small amount of adhesive to the tabs.  It is designed with an interlocking bottom that gives it enough strength and stability to hold heavier items. [click here to download the snowflake box template]

Project Materials:

  • 1 sheet of card stock, on hand
  • Printer, on hand
  • Scissors or craft knife, on hand
  • Cutting mat or kitchen cutting board, on hand
  • Craft glue, on hand
  • Free printable snowflake box template, on hand

Total: FREE

The snowflake box printable is in black and white and intended to be printed on colored cardstock.  This was done with cost in mind; color ink gets more and more expensive every time I go out to buy a replacement cartridge!  Cheapster sidenote: be sure to switch your printer to “black ink only” when you print it to conserve your color ink.

You could also print the template out on white cardstock and color in the snowflakes with colored pencil, markers, or watercolor paints.  Add sparkle to your favor boxes by gluing glitter or gemstones (or both!)  to the snowflakes.

What can you put in these boxes?  Here are some ideas:

  • Candy
  • Small Christmas ornaments
  • Votive or tealight candles
  • Jewelry
  • Lip balm
  • Small toys

To Make:

Print template on cardstock, and cut out using a craft knife and cutting surface (self-healing cutting mat or regular kitchen cutting board). Alternately, use scissors to cut along the outer line.

Fold according to lines.

Glue tab to side of box, and fold bottom tabs. Fold square tabs first, then insert triangular tabs.

You could also use the cut-out template as… a template. Trace it onto recycled cardboard (like cereal boxes) to make nifty recycled gift boxes.