Is your tree up and decorated?  It should be – Christmas is almost here!  If you’re looking for ideas for frugal crafts to decorate your tree, DSC readers have sent in some great ideas.  From quick-and-easy projects that the kids can do with minimal help to ideas that are sure to become treasured heirlooms, here are some of your best ideas!

Over at My Backyard Eden, Carolyn made a wonderful mitten garland from a dollar store fleece scarf.  She used it to decorate her mantle, but I think it would look cute on a tree or a banister as well.  If you can’t find a fleece scarf in a color you like, you could also use sheets of felt, a microfiber dusting cloth, felted thrift store sweaters, or any other fabric that won’t fray around the edges after you cut.  [how to make a mitten garland]

DSC reader Susie posted this great idea for making a memory ornament at Mommy Savers.  It’s a great idea the entire family can participate in, and it requires very minimal crafty ability –  but legible handwriting helps!  [how to make a memory Christmas tree  ornament]

Gina from two little chick-a-dees came up with a fun way to recycled empty ribbon spools by making them into cute photo ornaments for her  Christmas tree.  The project was so simple that her young daughter made one all by herself as well!  [how to make recycled ribbon spool Christmas photo ornaments]

Decorating with candy seems very popular this  year.  I’ve seen a lot of great candy projects, including these cute candy wreath ornaments by  Terina  from Goddess  of My Cottage.  She used both red and green mint candies along with red hots to create them, but you could experiment with all kinds of hard candy.  [how to make  candy wreath ornaments]

This one’s  for all you seamsters out there!  Would you believe that this awesome Santa photo frame ornament started out as a curtain ring? Add a few scraps  of fabric and some sewing skills, and you’ve got an ornament that will be cherished for many years to come!  [how to make a curtain ring Christmas photo ornament]