Staff writers Rhonda Greene and Melinda Hileman have accepted the Iron Craft challenge! Keep tuned for the results of each week’s challenge!

About Iron Craft:

Crafting connects us. Glitter glues our friendship together. If we embark on a quilting expedition, we will put on our pith helmets, and do it together. Across the miles, we admire, advise and sympathize.

Every Thursday they will post a creative challenge to be completed by the following Wednesday. The challenges maybe as specific as a particular pattern or as vague as a theme. They’ll cover the gamut of crafting skills: knitting, sewing, quilting and so on. Every Wednesday Iron Craft spotlight the results of the previous Thursday’s challenge from their Flickr group. We’d love to have you join us for the year of what we hope will be a lot of fun.

*Don’t worry we don’t expect everyone to be able to do every week’s challenge but we’re certainly going to try to do as many as possible.

[Visit the Iron Craft website]

The results from Week 1’s challenge are in already, and Week 2’s challenge has been announced: Stay Warm!