The first Iron Craft challenge of 2011 was “Lighting the Winter Gloom.” We were to create something to bring some sparkle and light into the long winter nights. Week 1’s challenge was to create candleholders, lamp shades, lumineres, anything that will bring on the light! Both Rhonda and Melinda created projects this week.

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Heather’s favorite this week was “Preserving Light” by Katie Aaburg of pipupeep. Great way to reuse Christmas lights!

Project Estimate:

  • Canning jar, $1
  • Strand of Christmas lights, on hand

Total: $1

Our IC1 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Art Deco Dollhouse Lamp

Art Deco Dollhouse Lamp by Rhonda A miniature dollhouse lamp made from a golf tee and a couple of bottle caps!

See more photos of Rhonda’s submission. Read about her inspiration and see the complete tutorial on her blog.

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Create, Share, Inspire candle

Create, Share, Inspire candle by Melinda Since I’m not allowed to burn candles in the house, I have a candle warmer. Since that tends to limit what you can do with a candle, I decided to use these cute tags and beads to decorate my lavender and vanilla candle. I hope that I can create pretty things, share them with others, and inspire to make things of their own!

See more photos of Melinda’s submission.

Did you submit a craft for the first Iron Craft challenge? Share yours in the comments section!