electrical tape bracelet
Some time ago, I bought a few rolls of electrical tape for something completely unrelated to DIY/jewelry. Since it is made of vinyl, I realized it would be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of jewelry – so this super easy project was born. My favorite part of this project is the scrapbook sticker embellishments. There is a HUGE variety of embellishments out there, allowing you endless possibilities with this DIY.

By Kirsten at Studs-and-pearls.com

electrical tape bracelet supplies

– Vinyl electrical tape, $1
– Scrapbook sticker embellishments, about $2
– Paper towel/cardboard tube or yogurt container, On hand
– Hot glue gun, on hand

Total: $3

Closeup of the scrapbook embellishments I chose.

electrical tape bracelet
1) Cut two circles from your cardboard tube or yogurt cup, cut slits in both and attach to each other with some hot glue. Or, cut one circle if it’s wide enough to fit around your wrist.

electrical tape bracelet
2) Wrap cardboard in electrical tape. It’s easier if you do this one long strip at a time. When you’re done wrapping, secure the end with some hot glue.

electrical tape bracelet
3) Stick some scrapbook embellishments on; the best part about sticker embellishments is that you can keep repositioning them. When you decide on a design you like, hot glue them down.

burberry studded bracelet
Burberry sells a studded bracelet for $450. Your DIY version will be much cheaper!