cassette tape lamp

Recycled cassette tapes and zip ties combine to make a super-cool retro lamp. OOO My Design made this lamp, and I love how the mismatched tapes look when they’re lit up. If I made this lamp, I would want to make it into a pendant lamp (perhaps because my house doesn’t have any built-in overhead lamps, so I always want more overhead light). You can find the zip ties at the dollar store, and the cassette tapes at thrift stores. [cassette tape lamp]

Project Estimate:

  • 31 cassette tapes, about $.25 each = $8
  • About 100 zip-ties, $5
  • Pendant light kit, $4 (at IKEA)

Total: $17ish

Save money: omit zip ties and attach tapes with hot glue or E-6000.

There aren’t any instructions for making this lamp, but if I were making it, I would assemble stacks of 3 cassette tapes together, then attach the 3-stacks together by twos so you have five sides of six tapes each. Then build your cassette tape box and attach at the corners. Attach top side last.

For a pendant lamp, you would need to figure out a way to make a hole in the middle of the top side. Any good ideas of how to do it?