Brighten your winter wardrobe with an easy ruffled scarf that does not even require a sewing machine to make.

This scarf is loosely based on Anthropologie’s Catch-and-Release scarf, which is no longer available. The original scarf was made from a lightweight summer material, so I have altered the construction slightly to make a winter scarf.

Project Estimate:

  • 3 fleece scarves from The Dollar Tree or similar
  • Matching thread and needle

Total: $3

Begin with three  fleece scarves in the same color. I used three raspberry ombre-style scarves from the Dollar Tree. If you are also using two-toned scarves, line your scarves up end to end and blend the colors as much as possible from one scarf to the next.

Trim off the fringed edges.

Sew the short ends of the scarves together using a sewing machine or hand stitching so that the three scarves become one very long scarf.

You can use a sewing machine and elastic thread to ruffled the scarf. (Wind your bobbin with the elastic thread and then sew two seams down the length of the scarf.) However, I found the elastic thread tends to break under the weight of the heavy fleece fabric.

To handstitch, double up a long piece of matching thread and simply sew a loose up and down stitch for the length of the scarf.  Push the fabric down the thread so that it ruffles to the degree you like. Then tie off the thread at the other end of the scarf. Do the same for your second ruffle stitch.

Your scarf is finished.

For a variation of this style, see for instructions on how to make a pleated fleece scarf.