I’m not as into scrapbooking and card making as I used to be, but with Valentine’s Day upon us I felt the need to do some paper crafting.  I like making cards and mini scrapbook albums out of different materials, and this envelope mini album is perfect for so many occasions!  For Valentine’s Day, use it to make a memory album with photos of you and your sweetie, to make a “ten reasons why I love you” card, or to hold a set of love coupons.  A blank album also makes a great gift for a friend who enjoys scrapbooking!

Project estimate:

  • Envelopes, on hand or $1
  • Scrapbook paper, on hand
  • Glue, on hand
  • Stick-on velcro, on hand or  $1

Total:  Free and up

You can use as many envelopes as you like, but be sure to use an even number.  (I used ten.)  Place two envelopes laying open with the flaps pointing away from you and the opening of the envelopes facing up.  Cove the flap of one of the envelopes with glue using a glue stick and place the second envelope so that its bottom lays over the flap.  Continue adding envelopes, all facing  in the same direction, until they are all connected.

Starting at the bottom of the strip, fold up the envelopes.  Fold the first flap normally, then fold the next flap backwards, then fold normally again, creating an accordion-like zig zag.

On the back sides of the envelopes (the side with the flaps), apply a layer of glue and fold together.  It is important that you only glue the back sides of the envelopes.  Do not glue the sides with the openings. This will turn the accordion into a book.

Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to  fit around the outside of  the album, including the flap.  You may also wish to cover the inside of the flap to cover the glue strip.

Fold up the  album and add a piece of stick-on velcro as a closure.  Inside the album, you can decorate envelope pages any way you like.  Cut pieces of cardstock to fit inside each envelope to make a pull-out inset for each page.  The possibilities for these albums are endless!