doily covered soap

I’m on a doily kick this week! Chris posted a link to this great idea on the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook Page, and as soon as I clicked on it, my head exploded. As soon as I put it back together, I clicked back over here to tell you about this amazing craft hack. Take a store-bought doily (or crocheted lace tablecloth), and use it as a covering for soap instead of spending hours crocheting your own cover. With the ingenious instructions by Kirsty at kootoyou, you can crank a batch of these lovelies out for Mother’s Day, wedding favors, or teacher’s gifts. Oh, and the covers are reusable! [how to make doily covered soaps in 5 minutes]

Project Estimate:

  • Bar of soap, $1
  • Crocheted doily, pack of 2 for $1
  • Elastic thread, on hand or $2
  • Tapestry needle, on hand

Total: $1.50 and up

Note about soap: obviously you can find a better deal on soap than $1 a bar! This would be a fantastic treatment for handmade soap. Ooh, it makes me want to get my soapmaking stuff out again.