Bring your favourite bath-time buddy to your next tea time, with your very own tea duck. This project uses a small plastic toy duck as a buoy for your loose-leaf teaball. As with all projects that have a consumable element, ensure the toy you use is food-safe, and able to handle the hot temperatures of boiling water without melting.

Project Estimate

  • Tea ball – $1.00
  • Plastic toy duck – $1.00

Total:  $2.00

(note: you can get a PVC-free duck here)

This simple project requires a stainless steel teaball, and a small buoyant toy. The toy needs to be small enough to fit inside your mug, in this case it was a small baby duck (Mama duck will be used for bath-time). These ducks have a small opening located on their underside, this is where our teaball will attach to. If the toy you use doesn’t have an opening to hook the teaball in, you will need to create one.

Teaballs have a chain tether that allows them to be dipped into a mug of hot water without burning your fingers. Using needle-nose pliers, remove the chain links until you have a short tether.
Keep the hooked end piece.

With the chain clipped to a short length, insert the flanged hook end into the opening in the ducks underside.
That’s it, your tea duck is ready to go!

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Boil water, load up your tea duck, dunk, and enjoy!