Make doll clothes and accessories with things you can buy at the dollar store!

Before I had kids, I used to go to that doll aisle at Target that has the 18″ dolls (like the American Girl dolls) with all the cool clothes, accessories, horses, etc. and imagine the day when I could buy all that cool doll stuff! Now I have three kids, but they are all boys, so I have to wait a little longer to get into 18″ doll business!  We don’t have any dolls like these, but if you are lucky enough to be a doll family, here are some great projects you can make for your dolls.

Doll Mittens and Earmuffs: $1

Refashion your singleton magic gloves into chic accessories for your dolls! Reader Mama Jenn shows you how to make mittens and earmuffs at her blog.

Doll Cape from Santa Hat: $1

Pick up a santa hat at the dollar store now or steal a hat that you already have on hand to make this adorable fur-lined doll cape from Old Days Old Ways (contributor Care’s mom, and all around crafty crafter.) Click here for instructions.

Doll Messenger Bag and Shoes: $1

More good doll accessories from Old Days Old Ways: this time a messenger bag and shoes were made out of a dollar store handbag. Brilliant. Here is the tutorial.

Doll Wedding Dress: $1 and up

Old Days Old Ways once again with a brilliant dollar store dolly wedding dress. She used those little organza treat bags you can find in the wedding section at the dollar store to construct this wedding dress. Again, so smart! Find out how to make a wedding dress here.

Doll Onesie from Baby Onesie: FREE

My trusty contributor Care from Obsessively Stitching created this tutorial for altering baby onesies into doll onesies. You can either get onesies at the dollar store, or use old ones your baby has grown out of. Get the tutorial here.

If you love all things dolls, check out my friend Char’s site Doll Diaries.