When the ladies behind Iron Craft saw the number of people who are interested in being Iron Crafters, they thought it might be fun to have a contest from time to time. So, Susi and Kat will be hosting one contest per season and the winner will be chosen by YOU! Plus, there is a prize each time! The sixth Iron Craft challenge and contest of 2011 was “Winter.” It’s a broad theme, so it was exciting to see all the different ideas that were submitted!

Broken Snowflake Bag

Congratulations to Swamps42, also known as Hairballz on her blog The Hairballz Crafty Adventures, for winning Iron Crafter Winter 2011 with her Broken Snowflake Bag which was knit to match her winter boots. [Read more about the project]

There was some tight competition & lots of wonderful entries. Look for the Spring contest in May. [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Our IC6 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Textured Shelf Liner Wreath

Textured Shelf Liner Winter Wreath by Rhonda GreeneWhen Rhonda thinks of winter, she thinks of snow. (That’s probably because her lawn is currently buried under a couple feet of it.) She used layers of blue and white non-slip shelf liner to create a winter wreath with an interesting texture.

Read about her inspiration and see the complete tutorial on her blog.



Melinda Hileman’s Submission: #letitsnow Wall Hanging

#LetItSnow Wall HangingThanks to @nerdist and @CraigyFerg, Twitter was all a-flutter when someone read the hashtag #letitsnow as “Le Tits Now” instead of “Let it Snow.” Melinda made this embroidery in honor of Chris, Craig, and the hilariousness that is Twitter.

This was her first time doing embroidery, so there was a TON of trial and error! Considering that she had no idea what she was doing, and the re-dos and mess-ups, Melinda LOVES how it turned out! She can’t wait to hang it on her wall!

Read about how she created this, and see more photos here.


Did you submit a craft for the sixth Iron Craft challenge? Share yours in the comments section!