If you’ve ever visited the blog of Aunt Peaches, you know that she’s got a the-funkier-the-better aesthetic to her creations.  It’s no surprise, then, that her variation on Heather’s now-infamous Mardi Gras bead chandelier is full of disco-inspired panache.  Since her ceilings are too low for a traditional chandy to hang without knocking heads, she devised a way to mount the design closer to the ceiling while still maintaining all of the drama.  It even makes a nifty starburst design on the ceiling when she flips on the light!  [how to make a funky Mardi Gras bead chandelier]

Project estimate:

  • Hanging wire basket, $1
  • About 40 strands Mardi Gras beads, $8
  • Wire, on hand or $1 and up

Total:   $9 and up