The eighth Iron Craft challenge and contest of 2011 was “Hometown.” This week’s challenge is all about the places we call our hometown. Whether it’s the town you live in now, the one you grew up in or any other place that feels like home to you, we want you to create something that represents it. Looking forward to seeing where everyone is from & how they turn it into a craft! [See all the submissions from Iron Craft]

Our IC8 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Hometown-Inspired Steampunk Necklace

Rhonda's Hometown PendantRhonda lives in Manistee, Michigan, a town known as The Victorian Port City. At one point during the 1800s there were more millionaires per capita in Manistee than anywhere else in the United States. There are dozens of ornate period buildings in town that have been restored, from homes to downtown businesses. Manistee is also an industrial city; the local factories are some of the biggest employers in town.

Because of this combination of old-fashioned charm and blue-collar industry, Manistee makes her think of Steampunk. So for this week’s challenge she dug through her collection of old watch parts and broken costume jewelry to make a steampunk necklace. The peace sign charm on the front swings freely so you can still see the gears and other details behind it.
[Another picture]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Purple Georgia Embroidery

Melinda's Hometown EmbroideryMelinda has lived in Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin and Florida, so picking a “hometown” wasn’t easy. However, the Jeff Foxworthy quote “We’ve seen Georgia on the map. It’s purple!” popped into her head when she read the challenge (lived in Lawrenceville, GA from age 2-11), so she hand-embroidered it onto a t-shirt and painted a frame to match!

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