painted baskets

Everybody has a few unused baskets laying around (don’t they?), and if they don’t, the dollar store or thrift store (or garage sales) are always stocked with plenty of baskets to choose from. Jamie at C.R.A.F.T. spray-painted an array of baskets the same color, and then decorated them with collages of cool stuff. This graphic wall art display cost less than $20, including spray paint, and it makes huge impact in her living room. [how to make painted basket wall art]

Project Estimate:

  • Assorted baskets, $10 and up (or on hand)
  • Krylon spray paint (definitely use a brand-name paint for this to avoid frustration), $3
  • Assorted ephemera, on hand
  • Glue, on hand
  • Mounting hardware, on hand or a pack for $1

Total: $3 and up

painted basket wall art


  1. Use acrylic craft paint instead of spray paint, if you only want to spend about $1. I’m betting the convenience of spray paint is worth the extra money, though!
  2. Use stuff you have on hand instead of buying baskets. Or, ask friends and relatives if they have baskets to spare (everyone does!) Or, recycle baskets or other items you would normally throw away (like plastic berry baskets).