I’ve received a lot of good news in the past few months, and it never seems to fit in to our DSC posts, so I’m just going to shout it all out right here! Want to know the cool things that have happened to us lately?

Rhonda Greene named Editor of Dollar Store Crafts

Rhonda has been contributing several awesome posts every week, as well as a tutorial every Monday for the past several months. So, I promoted her! She’s now responsible for overseeing the complete lineup of posts, as well as a few other behind-the-scenes things here at Dollar Store Crafts. Don’t worry, I will still be here! I’m just going to let Rhonda focus on one part of DSC so I can devote a little more time to other parts of it that have been neglected!

babble craft blogHeather Mann Named Top 10 Craft Blogger by Babble.com

This week, I was honored to be named one of the top 10 craft bloggers by Babble.com, along with a bunch of my bloggy buddies! I truly appreciate the honor, recognition and encouragement. And I’m excited to check out the other top 50 blogs!

Congrats to some of my friends (but not limited to!): Amy from Mod Podge Rocks!, Jen from Tatertots & Jello,


Dollar Store Crafts named Favorite Crafty Blog by About.com DIY Fashion

about.com winnerTwo awards in one week! Dollar Store Crafts was also honored to receive the Favorite Crafty Blog award at About.com DIY Fashion. Thanks for voting!

I also have to thank my dad who campaigned hard for votes for this award!

Other awesome nominees were Grosgrain, Handmade News, Be Vain or DIY, and P.S. I Made This.


Leprechaun Mirror Published in Family Fun Magazine

family fun march leprechaun mirror

Last year, I made this Magic Leprechaun Mirror, and it appeared in the March 2011 issue of Family Fun Magazine! I was so excited to see one of my projects show up in my favorite magazine. I have been a subscriber to FF for years, even before I had kids, so it was truly an exciting moment to open the magazine and see my project staring back at me.

I think one of the most fun things about it was how similar the project looked to my original version. I was really pleased with how it came out. Thanks, FamilyFun!

Dollar Store Crafts mentioned in Sunset Magazine

julie sabatier sunset

Julie Sabatier (@diygirl on Twitter), fellow Portlander, DIYster, radio producer and host was interviewed in Sunset magazine’s January 2011 issue. In the interview, she named Dollar Store Crafts as a source of DIY inspiration “for fun projects on the cheap.” Thanks, Julie!

Dollar Store Crafts featured in Reader’s Digest Asia

readers digest asia december 2010

This was a big one! Not only was it my first full magazine feature, but it was in a huge magazine that almost everyone reads. Reader’s Digest Asia‘s December 2010 issue had a two-page article featuring Dollar Store Crafts, that shared some of our favorite projects from the blog, including the Beaded Chandelier, DIY Microwave popcorn, and fabric beaded necklace.

penny craft couture