The 12th Iron Craft challenge and contest of 2011 was “Wanna Get Lucky?” This week’s challenge was about things we found to be lucky – a rabbit’s foot to, a horseshoe, a lucky number or a deck of cards. Our luck could come from Ireland, Asia, or anywhere else! What do you consider Lucky? Do you have a lucky charm?

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Our IC12 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Gumball Machine Toy Charm Necklace

Rhonda's Gumball Machine Toy Charm NecklaceWhat could be more lucky than a charm necklace? (And now Rhonda finally has an actual reason to buy all of those cute little quarter machine toys!) 

[Read the tutorial on her blog]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Four Leaf Clover Headband

Melinda's Lucky HeadbandIt has been said that each of the four leaves stand for something different. The first leaf stands for faith. The second leaf stands for hope. The third leaf stands for love. The fourth leaf stands for luck. Since there is some Irish in her blood, Melinda decided this headband would be a great accessory that she could wear often – not just on St. Patrick’s Day! 

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