The 13th Iron Craft challenge of 2011 was “Best in Show.” This challenge was about the animals. We could make a dog sweater, cat toy or feeding dish. For inspiration, we could visit the zoo then make our own animal. Fish. Birds. Lions. Dogs disguised as Lions. Tigers. Bears. What ever suits our fancy. Or go a little crazy and make up our own animal!

Melinda and Rhonda both love their pets, so they decided to make them toys. After all, toys aren’t just fun for pets, they provide hours of amusement for owners too!

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Our IC13 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Sushi Roll Cat Toy

Rhonda's Sushi Roll Cat ToyRhonda’s kitties love to play. The have a ton of toys, but it seems that they can never have enough. (Probably because they are so good at hiding them behind appliances and underneath furniture.) So she made them a felt sushi roll! 

See more pictures of the toy and her adorable baby playing with it (and learn how she made it) on her blog.

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Lucet-Made Cat Toy

Melinda's Lucet Cat ToyMelinda decided to braid Bailey a new toy with a lucet. [See more info and photos

She also made Bailey a Medical Alert tag with Shrinky Dinks (he has diabetes).

Last year, she made a plastic canvas “No Begging Zone” sign to keep her dog out of the kitchen (it worked!).


Did you submit a craft for the 13th Iron Craft challenge? Share yours in the comments section!