Here we come, running towards Spring, and Easter, so the 15th Iron Craft challenge of 2011 was “Bunny or Chick?
For this challenge, we focused on a material. PEEPS®! We were to take Peeps, and transform them into something new.


As back story, PEEPS® are an iconic Spring ‘treat’. They are Marshmallows, shaped like either yellow chicks or pink bunnies (Yellow and white PEEPS® chicks and bunnies came first, followed by pink, lavender, blue, green and orange). They are inexpensive, and bright, and artificial through and through. But there they are.

[Note from Melinda: They’re fun to make S’MEEPS with (s’mores with PEEPS). Although watching them puff up in the microwave is fun, roasting them over an open flame lets you watch their little eyes melt off!]

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Our IC15 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Chocolate Covered PEEPS

Rhonda's Peep Pops 

Rhonda’s mom LOVES Peeps, so she made these for her for her 60th birthday – chocolate covered Peeps! She used semi-sweet baking chocolate so that they wouldn’t be any more sugary than they are by nature. They turned out cute and sinfully yummy!

Rhonda made the chocolate covered Peeps on bamboo skewers and stuck them in a styrofoam circle to dry.  (You could also make this a display by putting the styrofoam in a flower pot, or adding decorative ribbon around the edges).

To wrap them, she used favor bags that she’d originally ordered to use for her wedding favors, but they were backordered and came in three days after the ceremony. Go figure! But they were the perfect size to put over the Peeps and tie off with some ribbon from her stash.

Rhonda boxed up a dozen of the finished, individually wrapped Peeps for her mom. Happy birthday, Rhonda’s mom!

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Keep Calm and PEEP On Cupcake Tower

Melinda's Peep Cupcakes 

Melinda went all out and made a PEEPs cupcake tower.

The completely from scratch cupcakes consisted of a vanilla bean cupcake, vanilla bean creme brulee cream filling, vanilla bean buttercream and toasted PEEPs marshmallow fondant. Melinda isn’t a big fan of the taste of fondant, but this stuff was so good that she and her hubby enjoyed not only the fondant on the cupcakes, but some of the leftover fondant as well!

The cupcakes are topped with either a real PEEP, a paper PEEP or a “Stay Calm and PEEP On” topper.

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Want your own PEEPs toppers? Here’s your free printable download!

Just want the signs in a bigger format to print? Here they are in blue, pink, purple and yellow!

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