Happy Earth Day everyone!  Today is a day devoted to conserving natural resources and treating the planet kindly.  What  better way to celebrate than by raiding your recycling bin and finding bits to use as free craft supplies?   There are oh-so-many things you can so with the whatnots you would normally send to the curb.  Need proof?  Here are ten recycled crafts that you have to see to believe.

When I first saw these Recycled Egg Carton Buttons by Pretty Little Things, I  would never have guessed that’s  what they were made of!  While I would hesitate to use them on clothing, they are perfect for paper crafting projects or even jewelry making.

If you ever wish you had a certain shape of cookie cutter that unfortunately isn’t in your collection, keep in mind that you can always make your own!  These Recycled Soda Can Cookie Cutters by Show Tell Share are easy to customize, and the idea could come in very handy if you find yourself  in need of an obscure, hard-to-find shape.

I love compartmentalized lunch boxes like bento boxes or tiffins.  I’m especially fond of the WWII-looking style of this Tuna Can Tiffin by Instructables user calischs.  That’s right, plain ol’ tuna cans were transformed into this Indian-style lunch tin.  Impressive, eh?

Some recycled crafts are just plain unbelievable; you know, the ones projects where you just can’t fathom how they managed to make the beautiful finished product out of (insert-random-trash-item-here).  Here’s an example:  the Tin Can Tealight Holder by What I Made.  It’s such an amazing transformation!

This Recycled Wine Cork Necklace by Flickr user brasspaperclip was actually submitted to us via Flickr as part of our 2010 April Stash Bust.  I really like the use of old costume jewelry, and I am especially fond of the end of the cork that was tinted red by the wine and how it was worked into the design.

You’ve probably seen plenty of hubcaps laying along the side of the road, forlornly resting in the ditch after being separated from their wheels.  De-litter the highway and create unique garden art at the same time with these Hubcap Flower Decorations by Blue Velvet Chair.  They would look great planted among real flowers, or would make a nice alternative for someone who has a brown thumb or no planting space.

It’s always interesting to see a material used in a new and different way.  I’ve seen plastic bottle crafts of all kinds, but one of my favorites is the Water Bottle Flower Wreath by I Like That.  I would have never thought to use water bottles in this way!  The flowers would also look cute embellishing all kinds of other springy projects as well.

Looking for something to do with all of those odd socks whose mates have blown out or mysteriously disappeared?   Recycle them into these cute Plush Sock Donuts by Rook No. 17. They make great gifts for kids and adults alike, and they’re as guilt-free as they are fun.

For the ultimate in no-budget decorating, check out this Cardboard Window Valance by In My Own Style.  That’s right, I said cardboard!  (If you’ve been procrastinating on new window dressings because you think they are too expensive, you’re officially out of excuses!)

So next time you’re about to throw something in the trash or the recycling bin, pause for a moment first and think, “what could I  make with this?”  You just might surprise yourself with what you manage to create from junk!