T-shirts are amazing as a craft material.  You can turn them into all kinds of things, including tweaking them into much more fashionable shirts.  Reconstructed clothing projects are near and dear to my heart because I love clothes but hate spending money on them.  However a lot of reconstructed clothes require at least some degree of sewing skills,  an arena in which I’m sorry to say I’m bumbling at best.  But this ribcage-like design by Steffi of Cotton Candy Castle is a project I am confident I could handle because it requires just a few stitches at the end.  Sewophobics rejoice!  I love the spine-like column down the back, and how such a striking design is actaully so simple to achieve!  [how to make a ribcage reconstructed t-shirt]

Project estimate:

  • T-shirt, on hand or $1 and up
  • Ruler, on hand
  • Pencil or tailor’s chalk, on hand
  • Scissors, on hand

Total:  Free and up