easter egg pendant lamp

Make a quick and easy pendant lamp out of plastic Easter eggs, battery-operated tea lights, and string. What could be easier?  These over-sized plastic eggs are faceted and reminded me of glass pendant lamps, so I decided to make my inspiration a reality. I took the super-simple route to making these, so this is a perfect craft for anyone from kids on up. These lamps would be at home in a little girl’s room, but if you used a single color of eggs, the lamp would become decidedly more sophisticated.

It took me about ten minutes to make this.

Project Materials:

  • 3 oversized plastic eggs, $1
  • 3 battery-operated tea lights, $1
  • String, embroidery floss, or fishing line, on hand or $1

Total: $2 and up

easter egg light

A note about supplies:

Eggs: I found these over-sized plastic Easter eggs in Target’s $1 spot. If you wanted to stick with a particular color scheme, you could buy three packages of eggs so your lamp could be all blue, all pink, or all yellow. Smaller eggs (regular-sized plastic eggs) would also probably work, and might be easier to find. It would be cool to do a light fixture with a whole bunch of smaller eggs!

If you want to make a lamp with these particular eggs, I’d suggest rushing out to Target to find them as soon as possible, as things in the dollar spot are seasonal and sell out quickly. Dollar Tree also has a few different kinds of over-sized eggs.

Lights: The battery-operated tea lights have an orange flame-like color and they flicker, so these really end up looking like a lantern. For a brighter, cleaner light, look for a small LED light in the electronics section of the dollar store.

easter egg lantern

To make:

1. Cut three lengths of string. To determine the length of string, find the place you want to hang the light and measure the distance from the ceiling. Double the length and add two inches. Vary the three string lengths slightly so the eggs hang at different heights.

My string was about 24″ long. It’s better to cut your string too long because you can always re-knot it to adjust the length shorter.

2. Thread the two ends of string through the holes on the top of the egg. Tie them together inside the egg. Repeat for all eggs.

3. Turn tea lights on and place in bottom section of egg. Connect eggs together.

4. Hang from a ceiling or wall hook.

5. To turn off, unscrew eggs and turn off tea lights.

egg pendant light