Okay dollarholics, it’s time for another burning question. You guys always come up with so many great ideas! (Is there any crafty problem we can’t solve when we all put our heads together?) This one comes to us from Cathy, who needs some ideas for updating a dated decor look that I’m sure you’re all familiar with. She writes:

I just wanted to post a request, but why not make it a challenge, right?! Anyway, I need some help with affordable ways to decorate a closet door. Preferably the ones that are kinda tacky with the sliding mirrors. If you could help me out that’d be awesome!



I think it might be interesting (and classy!) to use a fancy flourish stencil and etching paste to create a wallpaper-like design on the surface of the mirrors. What other low-cost alternatives can you think of?

[photo by alvimann @ morguefile.com]