We get a lot of questions here at DSC, and we do our darnedest to provide answers to every single one of them. While we sometimes have an answer off the top of our heads, we’ve found that often the best thing we can do is in turn ask YOU, our awesome readers. It’s time again to put on your thinking caps and help your fellow crafters! Reader Larry sent us this message:


I am referring to a tutorial by Ann On May 9,2010 on how to “Crackle Paint with Elmer’s Glue”. I need help badly. Can anyone tell me how to OR what to use to crackle a clear top coat? I am trying to crackle my paintings, but if I use a colored top coat to crackle the glue, the paint covers up the painting, therefore I need some type of amber (old, old, look) tinted CLEAR coat that will Crackle.

Thank you very much,

You can see the post Larry is referring to here, with a link to the tutorial by Ann from Make the Best of Things along with some tips and that Heather previously suggested: [make your own crackle finish]

What do you think, guys? What else could you use to make an aged-looking, amber crackle finish?