The reader questions keep on a-rollin’ in!  This is another good one, so it’s time to put on your extra-creative thinking caps!  Via our Facebook fan page, Ana made an inquiry about one of those things she’s been saving but has no idea what to make with them:  empty shotgun shells.  You know, the big ones with a brightly colored plastic sheath.  She has yellow, orange, and red shells to work with.

While I was searching for a picture of a shotgun shell to show exactly what we’re talking about, I came across this Christmas ornament idea.

How cute is that??   The page I found it on was a free image site, so there wasn’t a tutorial attached, but I think that it would be pretty simple to figure out how to make a shotgun shell Santa ornament just by looking at the picture.

Alright guys.  Now that your gears are turning, we want to know  your thoughts!  What would you make with empty shotgun shells?

[photo by johninportland @]