Sometimes in your crafting adventures, you find yourself using only a portion of a product.  You only need the top part of something, or the insides, or some other little bit off of a larger whole to complete a project.  What, then, do you do with the crafty by-product that’s  left over?

Reader Breeanna has just this dilemma.  She does a lot of cross stitch and embroidery, which she frames in picture frames.  However, she doesn’t use the glass part of the frame.  She’s got a bunch of these little sheets of glass and no idea what to do with them, so she asked for help on our Facebook fan page.  So far, people have suggested:

  • Broken glass mosaic
  • Sandwiching photos or art between them to make floating frames
  • Using them as a canvas for painting or other artwork

What do you think?  If you had a whole bunch of glass pieces from picture frames, what would you do with them?

[photo by xandert@]