wish you were here postcard

The 14th Iron Craft challenge of 2011 was “Wish You Were Here.” For this challenge we were to create a postcard or artist trading card (ATC). We could do whatever we wanted to the card; draw, paint, Photoshop a photo, embroider, applique, collage, the sky is the limit. The theme of the card can be anything we wanted a place, a quote…anything.

There was one rule, the card size should meet USPS regulations for size for postcards

  • Rectangular
  • At least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long
  • No more than 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long

This way we could swap cards! Rhonda and Melinda decided to swap with each other, so hopefully they will receive them in the mail soon.

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Our IC14 Submissions:

Rhonda Greene’s Submission: Altered Playing Card: Dinner Fit for a King

Rhonda's King of Clubs Artist Trading CardThe only “rule” for creating ATCs is that they must conform to a standard size, which is the same size as a baseball card. This is also the same size as a standard playing card, so Rhonda made an altered playing card (APC) instead.

The card is double-sided with a window cut out in the middle of it. In this space, sandwiched between two pieces of plastic, are tiny drawings of food items that move round like confetti when the card is shaken.

The food in the King’s stomach consists of a slice of bread, a chicken leg, a piece of cheese, an ice cream cone, and a slice of cake. There are no veggies because 1.) every veggie Rhonda tried to draw turned out as an unidentifiable green blob, and 2.) he’s the King and doesn’t have to eat veggies if he doesn’t want to.   [See the other side]

Melinda Hileman’s Submission: Handmade Lint Paper Wall Hanging

Melinda's Completed ATCMelinda started with home-made paper (using dryer lint, pressed flowers she picked and some random paper scraps that were lying around), and created a double-sided card that she can hang up, and flip over when she wants a different message!

One side has distressed paper flowers by Prima Flowers with rhinestones in the middle, the word “Blossom” written on vellum with a silver/metallic Sharpie and a little hanging home-made paper flower.

The other side showcases the pressed flowers and has some cut-outs from a vellum cover to some junk mail we got. Melinda cut out the words and re-arranged them to something much better than the original marketing piece!

[See more pictures]  Want to know how to make your own dryer lint paper? [Read our tutorial]

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