If you’re bored with your wardrobe and don’t have the spare cash for new clothes, another way to update your look is through accessories.  Even if  you buy new accessories, you don’t have to spend a bundle to get a custom look.  Instead, look for plain, basic pieces you already own, thrift shop finds, or clearance rack items and give them a little DIY action to dress them up a bit.  A great example is this bohemian-style belt by Pascale at Between the Lines.  Use whatever you have on hand (ribbon, bias tape, or fabric scraps) to lace around the edges and you will hardly spend a thing!  [how to make a bohemian style belt]

Project estimate:

  • Belt, on hand or $1 and up
  • Fabric scraps or other lacing material, on hand
  • Leather punch, on hand or about $10

Total:  Free and up