Miki from Miki’s Designs wanted to dress up her bedroom wall with a message for her hubby, but didn’t want it too be overly obvious.  She came up with a great solution for displaying her secret message, using foam balls sliced in half and applied to the wall to spell it out in braille!  Her message says that she’s crazy about him but sometimes he drives her crazy, a sentiment to which I’m sure most of us can relate!  The cost for the project will of course depend on the wording you choose and what size foam balls you use.  Unless you’re rather long-winded, you should be able to spell out your message for about $5 to $10.  [how to make secret message wall art] [braille alphabet chart]

Project estimate:

  • Styrofoam balls, about$5 and up
  • Double-sided tape, on hand  or $1

Total:  $5 and up