These spring bangles were inspired by a set that appeared in More magazine by R. J. Graziano and offer summery straw and raffia style with only a few supplies. Graziano’s bangles are $25. The dollar store DIY will run you about 50 cents a bangle, cheap enough to stack a dozen up your arm if you are so inclined or to make as gifts.

Project Estimate:

  • 1 package of 50-foot poly rope, $1 (makes 2 bangles)
  • fabric glue such as Fabri-Tac or hot glue, on hand

Total: 50 cents and up

Start with a package of poly rope in the color or colors of your choice.

Cut two 9-foot-long pieces per bangle. Burn the ends to prevent fraying.

Find the center of each piece of rope. Criss cross the ropes and begin tying a series of lanyard knots (otherwise known as crown knots.) For detailed instructions on how to tie the knot, see this tutorial at

Keep tying until you have a chain of knots that is long enough to go around your wrist.

One end of your bracelet will have four loose ropes. The other will have a finished end. One at a time, pull the loose rope ends through the finished end.

Try to weave them in so that it looks like a continuous chain.

Squeeze glue in where the loose ropes intersect the finished end and allow to dry completely before trimming the loose pieces.

Trim the ropes and apply a dab of glue to the cut end to prevent fraying.

Wear your bangles one at a time.

Or stack them up your arm.