After buying her 4-year-old a pair of flip flops, Ashley from Make It and Love It discovered that even though they sell the open-backed sandals in sizes for little feet, they aren’t necessarily practical.  Despite being comfortable, cheap, and easy for little ones to put on, she was having difficulty keeping them on her feet when she walked.  If only they had a back strap, they would stay on perfectly – so Ashley whipped out some fabric scraps and elastic and sewed her own set of sandal straps.  They are even removable and interchangeable, which makes them convenient to use with many different pairs of flip flops or easy to customize to match different outfits.  (Heck, even as an adult I have issues with flip flops, so I might even make a set for myself!)  [how to make interchangeable flip flip back straps]

Project estimate:

  • Fabric, on hand
  • Elastic, on hand
  • Snaps or other closures, on hand or $1
  • Sewing machine, on hand

Total:  Free and up